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School Improvement

The purpose of School Improvement Office is to provide schools and learning communities centralized support and guidance for planning and implementing school improvement plans. The school improvement plan is essential to the work of schools and serves as a vehicle for identifying barriers, maximizing strategies, aligning resources, and developing timelines needed to become the catalyst for improving student achievement and closing the achievement gap. Additionally, implementing the plan with fidelity and high levels of accountability embraces the plan as a living document, facilitates continuous school improvement, and responds to the needs of the school community based on data.

A comprehensive training session is provided each fall to prepare principals and SAC chairpersons to participate in the school improvement process. Furthermore, ongoing support with the clarification of state laws and meeting statute requirements are also available throughout the year. Call the School Improvement Office at 407.317.3200 x2002729 for further assistance.

School Improvement

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