In the Media Center I will:

  • Walk Quietly
  • Keep My hands to myself
  • Listen when others are talking
  • Raise my hand when I want to talk
  • Respond politely to teachers and classmates
  • Handle books with care

Accelerated Reader

We now have 100,000+ AR quizzes for books both in our media center and in the public library. Students may chose books from the 5 different levels: Red (Level 1), Blue (Level 2), Green (Level 3), Yellow (Level 4), and Orange (Level 5+). Students will choose books that fall into their reading zone (according to the STAR Reading assessment). As the new year begins, students will be working towards meeting their point and book level goals, by reading appropriate level books.

Check out Policy

Students will check-out books according to their level on the school wide Level System.

Level 1 students:

1 (one) book – it must be an Accelerated Reader title

Level 2 students:

2 (two) books - 1 must be Accelerated Reader titles

Level 3 students:

3 (three) books – 2 must be an Accelerated Reader titles

Level 4 students:

3 (three) books AND 1 (one) magazine – 2 books must be AR titles.


Students may come to the media center at any time (accompanied with staff) to return books and/or to check out additional books. Students should bring their personal shelf marker with them to check out books.