Supply List

Tissues (Kleenex, etc.)—2 boxes

Box of Crayons

Colored Pencils

Glue Sticks (2)

Package of #2 pencils

Washable markers

Wide ruled paper (loose leaf)

Pencil erasers

Pencil holder (box or pouch)

Composition type notebook

Antibacterial hand gel

Wet Wipes—1 box

Duo Tang Folder (for daily communication)

Snack Items—Raisins, Pretzels, Cheese crackers, etc.—remember that we have students with allergies to peanuts and peanut products, so please…no peanut items.

REMINDER—only students on Level 4 may carry book bags, so you will NOT need to purchase those yet! (Unless your child is on Level 4 and you desire for them to carry a book bag)